AMC Advance Program

 Advance up to 200% of credit card sales (Certain industry types)

 Advance up to 50% of overall bank deposits (Business that accept more cash/checks then credit cards)

 No minimum lease requirements (Month to month OK!)

 No landlord reference (We offer a program that does not require a landlord reference)

 High risk industries (Limo, Jewelry, Furniture, Gas, etc…)

 No minimum credit requirement

Unlike most nontraditional funding companies we still work with “high risk” industries and offer "No Credit Check" Business Cash Advance.

Our Advantage Business Funding Service program was designed with small to mid-sized businesses in mind. The unique features of this program have helped hundreds of business owners obtain working capital that they never knew they had access to. Unlike most non-traditional funding companies we still work with “high risk” industries. (e.g. limo companies, jewelry stores, furniture stores, gas stations, etc…)

Electronic Payment Processing

 Improve your customer service. With credit cards you give your customers a wider range of payment options.

 Increase sales. Additional payment processing options increase both your total revenue and the size of individual sales.

 Improve your cash flow. Electronic funds transfer means you get your money faster.

 Reduce risk. Unlike personal checks, electronic payment options won’t be returned NSF. You also reduce the amount of cash kept in your store.

 Increase productivity and record keeping. Electronic payments means faster tallies at the end of the day and easier trips to the bank.

 Increase your market share. Offering state of the art payment methods for your customers puts you ahead of the competition.

Improve customer service and cash flow.
Increase sales, productivity and Market Share. Reduce risk.

Our organization is the 2nd largest privately held merchant processor in the nation and currently services over 220,000 businesses nationwide with over $21 billion in transaction volume Restaurants, Contractors, Construction Companies, Convenience Stores, Food Services, Transportation Business, CBD & Cannabis Companies, Trucking Businesses, Jewelry Stores, Furniture Stores, Gas Stations, etc…)

We provide business cash advance to business owners who have limited access to traditional financing.

Must process a minimum of $5,000 of
   credit card transactions per month.

  • Monthly Sales & Revenue?

  • How long have you been in business?


We provide working capital
solutions for businesses who
have limited access to
traditional financing.